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3-5 Powerful Trading Ideas Per Week

We do the daily research and you get all of our published trades and regular updates. Know when we get in, how we manage the trade and when we get out.

Extended Nightly Video Updates

Find out where the market is going every day with updates from our pro traders. The extended version provides additional market commentary that is essential for the frequent trader.

Advanced Options Strategies

Yes, we speak Options. You’ll learn innovative and profitable strategies to leverage your trades. We play Condors, Butterflies, Strangles, Straddles and Spreads.

Weekly Q & A Session

Ask anything. This is your chance to ask our pro traders about positions you’re holding or trade strategies you’re considering.

In-Depth Trading Analysis

Find out exactly why we’re looking at a particular trade. See all angles, including price action, money flow and charting patterns before you decide if you want to take that trade.


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