INSY (INSYS THERAPEUTICS) Feb 6 - Feb 25, 2015

This trade is now closed

February 25 2015  1:37pm We are selling our full position in INSY at the market (currently trading at $57.50) for a profit of $6.95 per share or 13.75%.   February 6 2015  1:20pm This is confirmation that INSY did trade above $50.51 today and is officially an Open Trade. We are Long INSY at $50.55.   February 5 2015  7:55pm Tomorrow, we plan to go long (Buy) INSY if it trades above today's high of $50.51. If this order is filled, our initial Stop Loss order will be placed at $46.50.

  • Brock

    Shouldn't we have entered INSY on February 2, based on the Ichi. Momentum strategy?

    • TradingWins

      Brock, you are correct. The setup using the Ichi momentum strategy occurred on Feb.2nd and the actual entry would have been on Feb.3rd. The trade our traders posted was based on a different trade setup/strategy.

  • Brock

    Has the new stop for INSY moved up to 50.63 since it made a new pivot low?

    • TradingWins

      No, a new pivot low would only be confirmed If and when INSY trades above it's Feb.11th high.

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