LNG (Cheniere Energy Inc.) Dec.20 - Dec.30, 2013

This trade is now closed

Dec.30, 2013  12:50pm

During Friday's trading session, our stop loss order on LNG was triggered.

Our full position was closed at $44.00 for a profit of $2.40 per share or 5.77% in 6 days.


Dec.27, 2013  9:50am

LNG has been performing exactly as expected. We believe there is more upside to come, but want to protect part of our profits.
We are moving up our Stop Loss order from $38.40 to $44.00.


Dec.20, 2013  10:51am

This is confirmation that LNG did trade above $41.57 this morning and is officially an Open Trade.

We are Long LNG at $41.60.


Dec.19, 2013  12:43am

LNG has been in a steady uptrend since early September, but recently experienced a sharp pull-back to it's 20 day simple moving average. Yesterday it closed above this recent downward trend channel and today it followed through with a very bullish long tail candlestick bar.  This pattern almost always results in a move higher.



Today, we plan to go long (Buy) LNG if it trades above yesterday's high of $41.57. If our order is filled we will enter our initial Stop Loss order at $38.40. 

A good alternative to buying the stock would be the March 49 Calls (last traded at $1.54) as this particular option series is undervalued.

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