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Our professional team of traders with over 30 years of collective experience work around the clock to consistently get you maximum profits with minimal risk.   We use our proprietary system to filter through 3,000 stocks each day so that we can spoon feed you the most profitable short and medium term trades.  Trading Wins brings a true institutional/hedge fund level service to the individual trader.

You think we are confident?  We are 100% transparent, showing you the result of every single trade (winners and losers).  View Past Results 

Latest Wins:

  • 2.37%profit

    GS May 20 Win!

  • 2.07profit

    GMCR Apr 23 Win!

  • 7.82%profit

    STX Apr 1 Win!

  • 1.03%profit

    DECK Apr 1 Win!

  • 3.21%profit

    EXPE Mar 20 Win!

  • 7.60%profit

    INTC Mar 12 Win!

  • 6.95%profit

    MAT Feb 25 Win!

  • 13.75%profit

    INSY Feb 25 Win!

  • 4.72%profit

    CERN Feb 17 Win!

  • 9.30%profit

    GMCR Feb 4 Win!

  • 1233%profit

    AAPL Jan 30 Win!

  • 3.01%profit

    HD Jan 28 Win!

  • 2900%profit

    NFLX Jan 22 Win!

  • 1000%profit

    NFLX Jan 21 Win!

  • 1.53%profit

    ALLE Dec 22 Win!

  • 4.36%profit

    FE Dec 11 Win!

  • 1.96%profit

    SRCL Dec 11 Win!

  • 6.34%profit

    GS Dec 8 Win!

  • 1.70%profit

    AXP Dec 1 Win!

  • 6.20%profit

    BPT Dec 1 Win!

  • 7.90%profit

    NFLX Nov 25 Win!

  • 2.97%profit

    CHRW Nov 17 Win!

  • 11.37%profit

    FOSL Nov 12 Win!

  • 1.39%profit

    BEAV Nov 12 Win!

  • 1.27%profit

    RNR Oct 17 Win!

  • 5.48%profit

    ALLE Oct 15 Win!

  • 5.02%profit

    SNI Oct 15 Win!

  • 6.08%profit

    ULTI Aug 28 Win!

  • 2.55%profit

    MRK Aug 28 Win!

  • 2.84%profit

    TLT Aug 28 Win!

  • 6.09%profit

    ROST Jul 21 Win!

  • 11.13%profit

    BBRY Jul 2 Win!

  • 6.43%profit

    BIDU Jun 26 Win!

  • 6.10%profit

    CELG Jun 19 Win!

  • 1.84%profit

    K Jun 6 Win!

  • 2.87%profit

    FB Mar 10 Win!

  • 0.29%profit

    KRE Mar 10 Win!

  • 19.72%profit

    ARTX Mar 6 Win!

  • 3.68%profit

    CRR Feb 18 Win!

  • 4.90%profit

    SXL Feb 3 Win!

  • 8.92%profit

    ATRO Jan 9 Win!

  • 5.77%profit

    LNG Dec 27 Win!

  • 1.21%profit

    GOOG Nov 27 Win!

  • 2.81%profit

    UTX Nov 27 Win!

  • 5.12%profit

    CHKP Nov 18 Win!

  • 14.78%profit

    GMCR Nov 18 Win!

  • 1.49%profit

    CHD Nov 18 Win!

  • 2.23%profit

    CBI Nov 14 Win!

  • 7.25%profit

    ADBE Nov 7 Win!

  • 5.92%profit

    QQQ Nov 1 Win!

  • 2.64%profit

    FXA Oct 24 Win!

  • 3.74%profit

    CHK Oct 17 Win!

  • 23.98%profit

    KOG Oct 9 Win!

  • 15.10%profit

    BIDU Oct 8 Win!

  • 10.37%profit

    NUS Oct 3 Win!

  • 12.45%profit

    NSM Oct 1 Win!

  • 6.30%profit

    OCN Oct 1 Win!

  • 5.62%profit

    PRLB Sep 25 Win!

  • 9.08%profit

    TSLA Sep 24 Win!

  • 13.44%profit

    EPL Sep 24 Win!

  • 3.95%profit

    QQQ Sep 23 Win!

  • 6.79%profit

    SBUX Sep 20 Win!

  • 13.05%profit

    MPEL Sep 20 Win!

  • 14%profit

    HLF Sep 20 Win!

  • 6.55%profit

    GLD Sep 18 Win!

  • 31.54%profit

    ESCA Sep 17 Win!

  • 6.47%profit

    EXPD Sep 17 Win!

  • 21.29%profit

    FB Sep 13 Win!

  • 24.55%profit

    QIHU Sep 13 Win!

Real People. Real Wins.

Don’t take our word for it, here is what other winners are saying.

Meet Brian, Trader

Day Trader

"My business is built on trading for the short and medium term. That's the only way to trade this volatile market. Tradinwins understands that and that's why they focus on price action instead of getting bogged down with balance sheets and income statements. It's a nice feeling to make money when others are complaining about the market."

Meet John, the Web Developer

Web Developer

“If you ever thought you could pick better stocks than your broker, this is how. With Trading Wins giving you their winning picks you have the advantage of their research without having to spend hours doing it yourself.”


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